Our retail space is closed at North Market - currently creating and doing more for you out of our production kitchen



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The bar that launched our business!

Our signature confections has a soft, fudge-like center, layered with herb and spice blends that are perfectly paired, then dipped in 60% dark chocolate or white chocolate. Rotating seasonal collections keep you coming back for more!

Choose from the following - buy for yourself or a give to a friend. They make great gifts!

Signature 4 Pack: 

  • Dark Chocolate Moroccan
  • White Chocolate Lavender
  • Dark Chocolate Thai Basil
  • White Chocolate French Tarragon

Seasonal 4 pack

  • Dark Chocolate Morrancan
  • White Chocolate Lavendar
  • White Chocolate Chai Latte
  • Dark Chocolate Cardamom Orange

Flavorful & Spicy 4 pack:

  • Dark Chocolate Pilachuma - smokey paprika and garlic
  • Dark Chocolate Pipe Dreams - smokey, earthy, and tobacco-like Urfa Peppers
  • Dark Chocolate Moroccan - cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, black and white pepper
  • White Chocolate Jamaican Curry - It's a party in your mouth!

All bars are Gluten Free


For local deliveries - please specify date  at checkout. We can not guarantee a delivery time, but most deliveries are scheduled for the afternoon.

Allergen Alert

In our commercial production facility we use:

Tree Nuts & Peanuts, Honey, Herbs, Spices, Milk Products, Soy, Eggs, Many Confections are Gluten-Free

Please indicate allergy issues in the comments section when checking out